This 24 y/o Malaysian Mechanic Modifies Motorbikes So They Can Go Through Floods

source: Harian Metro

The constant floods that happen in Kampung Apal have led mechanic there to use his creativity to modify motorbikes so that they can go through the water.

Zulhilmi Sudin, better known as Mat Ju by locals, said that the locals would ask him to modify their motorbikes before the flood season.

“I modified a Honda C70 using a wire from a washing machine to allow it to go through floods. If you ask me, I’ve been modifying bikes that can withstand being in the water longer,” he told Harian Metro.

Mat Ju said it only costs RM30 to modify the bike and takes around half an hour to complete. “Often, modifications involve oil tanks so it can be lifted when flooding,” he said.

“I also installed a wire from a washing machine to the carburettor which was moved slightly higher and upwards to prevent water from entering,” the 24-year-old mechanic explained.

Flood in Terengganu. source: Detik Perubahan (WordPress)

He also said that the oil in the tank usually lasts more than half a day moving in the water at normal speed. Another cool thing is that the modified components can be removed to turn the motorbike back to its original state.

“So far, I’ve modified about 10 motorcycles belonging to my friends from the village, who asked for help when the flood hit, and myself,” he said.

Mat Ju confessed that he has no formal background in the field, but became interested in modifying motorcycles since he was in high school. Much of his knowledge of bikes is self-learn, and from working and studying with peers who are also interested and good at repairing bikes.

Currently, Mat Ju works at a motorcycle workshop in Kampung Apal as well as a small workshop at home. When he gets back from work, he usually continues to work on motorcycles at home.