Anti-Lockdown Protestors Bring Guns & Rocket Launchers into Sandwich Shop

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This isn’t a game of Grand Theft Auto, it’s real life. (source:

Little Bo Peep had her sheep but these Americans have their guns.

In North Carolina, anti-lockdown protestors entered a Subway establishment to orders cookies and sandwiches while carrying military-grade weaponry. Their order probably went like, “Yeah, can I get a sub-machine sandwich please? And make it with extra mustard!”

source: Fox News

The protest against the stay-at-home order was organised by a Facebook group by the name of Blue Igloo who livestreamed the entire event. The members insisted the entire display was for the “opportunity for First and Second Amendment supporters to get together, meet people with commonalities and get some exercise while we’re all wasting away at home.” I don’t think having the right to bare arms include carrying rocket launchers into sandwich shops and scaring the people around you.

source: Business Insider

But that’s all amended when one of the protestors asked the Subway workers if they could come inside so as to not cause any panic by saying, “You guys cool with us being in here? We don’t want to make it look like we’re threatening or intimidating anyone. That’s why we ask.” I think the best way to do that would be to leave your semi-automatic at home.


This isn’t the wild wild west where you need to be carrying an At4 with two pistols holstered by your side just incase you run into a Mexican stand-off. One man was even wearing a bandana over his face while sporting his rifle. Sir, this isn’t Afghanistan, this is a Subway.


As you can probably predict, most of these protestors did not wear masks (save for that guy who wore a bandana) despite the fact that confirmed Covid-19 cases in America have reached over a million. In fact, the protestors didn’t even practice social distancing which is shown when an African-American couple were being provoked by one of the protestors because they urged him to keep his distance and he refused.


North Carolina has at least 14,400 cases and 550 deaths as of May 9, yet these protestors are more worried about their “livelihoods” than the health and safety of their state. When interviewed, one of the protestors said the demonstration wasn’t even a protest, it was more of “a walk to get some fresh air, sunshine, and some much needed exercise.” This is quite clear from their sheer nonchalance as they take selfies outside with their huge machine guns.

Don’t be scared, here’s a fist-bump. (source:

Making fun of the absurdity of this protest, a woman on Twitter decided to edit out the guns for sandwiches which got a tonne of attention and went viral. She told The News & Observer, “But also because the absurdity of protesting public orders meant to protect ALL people from a virus is only matched by the absurdity of bringing giant guns into the situation. We can’t shoot the virus and make it go away, so giant subs are just as useless as their giant guns.”

They even managed to piss off the voice of Little Chef Remy from Ratatouille, Patton Oswalt.

This goes to show that some of us have no idea how serious this pandemic is and would risk the lives of others just to prove that we can exercise our rights and our legs. Stay at home, be mindful of others and we’ll get back to normal soon enough.

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