WATCH: Laundry Day Doesn’t Get More Heartfelt Than This Video

Still hand-washing your clothes? Tired of your washing machine constantly breaking down? Fret no more fellow laundry-doers!

Local laundromat chain Cleanpro Express has the answer to all your laundry woes! Say goodbye to the days of those numbing scrub sessions and waiting for your clothes to dry outside.

Open 24 hours a day with over 300 outlets nationwide, the folks of Cleanpro Express have an abundance of self-service washing machines and driers you need to get your clothes clean and fresh as can be all in just 1 hour.

Check out this heart-warming video to learn a little about Cleanpro Express:

Cleanpro Express’ main mission is to provide their customers with hygienic, healthy and environmental friendly self-service laundry in every outlet while simultaneously embracing four key principles being the consumer’s health, environmental protection, fabric care and employee wellbeing to top it all off.

Have a look at what every outlet has to offer:


So do yourself a favour by making a trip to the closest Cleanpro Express outlet for a hassle-free laundry day at your convenience.

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