8 YouTube Channels To Watch When You’re Bored Outta Your Mind

source: Newstalk

YouTube, the place where you go to listen to music, watch cute animals compilations or to talk shit in the comment sections with random strangers. There’s no law here, you’re free to do whatever you want.

The downside of it (if you can even call it that) is because there’s so much content, we often spend more time searching for videos to watch than actually watching them. First world problems, amirite?

We’re here to help solve this enormous issue. When you’re totally bored out of your mind, check out these 8 binge-worthy YouTube channels ranging from informative to soothing and beyond…

1. Ashen’s Reviews

ashens realising that this is best idea he’s ever had. source: ashens/YouTube

Stuart Ashens is a stand-up British guy who reviews products like a toy that poops, 50-year-old ox tongue in a can and other bizarre and awful cheap products just so we can laugh at his misery.

His videos range from 7 mins to 30 mins, depending on how ludicrous the thing is but they’re all gold. Oh, do you remember when the Avengers recruited Golden Batman and Mr Incredible? Me neither, but that’s a thing.

2. Hidamari ASMR Cooking

Hidamari combines cooking and the art of AMSR to some of the best-looking desserts. I’m starting to think that cooking tutorials are made so we can just watch them. Anyway, it’s recommended that you watch these when you’re hungry for full effect.

3. Jungle Survival

It’s just two guys in the jungle building mansions and swimming pools using ancient methods. That’s a super flex. After a few videos, you’ll wonder what exactly are you doing with your life. You can’t even draw a straight line without a ruler!

I wonder though if you go to that jungle how many houses would you find?

4. It’s Alive! With Brad Leone

It’s supposedly a cooking show… but I am not the first person to notice that I ain’t learning sh*t. It’s Alive is a cooking show based around fermentation like making cheese, butter, yoghurt and other things.

Brad is just a hilarious human being who has trouble with pronouncing words, or actually know what he’s doing. Imagine a Golden Retriever in human form – that’s Brad Leone.

5. Foo The Flowerhorn

As I said, you could find anything on YouTube. Nobody searched for this I promise, but this is one of the most fascinating channels in my opinion. Who knew watching lil shrimps eating carrots and swimming around would be so relaxing.

6. Hanabira Workshop

There’s something satisfying about miniatures. You can see how much effort and creativity are put into making these. I don’t think I have the patience to make something so detailed but I sure have the patience to watch a 30-minute video of how to make it.

7. Random Hands

What do we do when things get rusty? Throw them away! Not this guy though. Random Hands has mastered the art of making things look shiny, literally. He restores anything from swords, watches and even a pipe ranch.

8. Bob Ross

The man, the legend, the friend of cute critters and painter extraordinaire. Bob Ross makes painting so interesting and full of life. There’s no one quite like him today.

I had a Bob Ross phase where every night before I went to bed I’d watch an episode, maybe two. Alright, 6 episodes. It’s like therapy, only better.

So before you say you don’t have anything to watch, save this article in your bookmark. You’re welcome.

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