WATCH: JUICE Manifests Fake Festival Line-Up Of Our Favourite International Acts

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At last, after years of slowly decomposing indoors, the time has come for us to break-out our concert outfits and glow sticks to enjoy some of our favourite international acts.

We started off strong with the edgy yet sultry likes of Billie Eilish who wowed Malaysian audiences with her Happier Than Ever concert at National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.

The anticipated acts following Eilish include BLACKPINK, Justin Bieber, keshi, Boy Pablo as well as an upcoming show by Anirudh Ravichander – the mastermind behind most of those popular, catchy Tamil movie soundtracks btw. Represent!

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BLACKPINK 2019 World Tour (source: GOKPOP)
With Malaysia slowly inching its way into the tour destinations of many popular artists, we thought it would be fitting for JUICE to manifest our very own concert wish-list.

So, without further ado, here are the international acts that we hope will rock our stages in the future!

100 gecs

Infectious energy paired with music that scratches that itch in your brain in just the right way, 100 gecs bends the maximalist pop genre to its will and demands your attention through their avant-garde style and brain-melting construction site noises.

If I had to describe this duo to a person who’s never heard of them, this is what I’d say:

100 gecs feels like if aliens drank a ton of Gatorade and mixed random noises on Earth with 200% bass and spliced it onto a track with lyrics extracted from Tinder messages between horny zoomers.

Then, they fed that music into a microwave and whatever unintelligible noise that comes out is exactly what you’ll hear at their concert. 

How could you say no to that? – Ameera Rosli, Writer.


Placebo’s Alt-Indie undertones paired with articulate, archetypal, almost-comforting-cryptic lyrics have played a pretty major role in my personal life, influencing much of my personal writing and general perspective on all things macabre and bitter.

The problem is, when the band had their show in KL back in 2010, I was 10, and the only placebos I knew of were the pieces of mint ring candy my sister put under my tongue with a guarantee that they would “cure” my fever.

Point is, a substantial portion of Gen Z has begun to delve into the pleasures of Alt Rock birthed in the 90’s, and I think Placebo’s trippy, doom-laden sound would be the best way to celebrate that. – Lara Lee, Writer.

Lykke Li

Lykke Li is no stranger to the music world; her famous track ‘I Follow You’ was released 11 years ago!

‘sex money feelings die’ trended on TikTok and rapidly became a fan favourite, giving this Swedish singer enormous prominence.

Lykke Li’s lyrics in her songs are incredibly personal, honest, and melancholic, but they complement alternative pop and techno sounds brilliantly.

Lykke Li is not only talented in the composition of her music, but she is also skilled in live performance.

Her live performance of ‘Deep End’ on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert flawlessly showcases that! – Aqasha Aiman, Writer

FKA Twigs

When it comes to underrated live performers, FKA Twigs is at the top of my list. I was blown away by her performance of ‘Cellophane’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Twigs approaches her live performances as an art exhibit, combining music, gentle vocals, theatre, and dance.

While she pole-danced gracefully in ‘Cellophane,’ she surprised the crowd with Wushu in her performance of Mary Magdalene at BBC Music.

Proving that she is anything but a one-trick pony, if Twigs ever graced Malaysia with a live concert, it would definitely be one to remember. – Aqasha Aiman, Writer


Most normies would think that Amine was a one-hit-wonder with ‘Caroline’ – the song that blasted through the speakers of every Sunway boy’s car with lyrics that were used as Instagram captions to describe these boys’ flavour of the week.

But no, it goes deeper than that.

Amine’s following album in 2018 ONEPOINTFIVE transcends the typical hype songs that you would put on when the party is heading to snoozeville.

Introducing his mellow side with ‘SHINE’, Amine is bringing new things to the table whilst keeping his cheeky rap style with songs like ‘RATCHET SATURN GIRL’.

All in all, an Amine concert can guarantee good vibes.

I may not have personally seen him live before, but you bet that if he comes to Malaysia, I’d be the first in line. – Quinny Tan, Writer

Lucky Daye

I first fell in love with Lucky Daye in 2019 because of his Painted album and the track ‘Real Love’.

It’s got just the right levels of funk, soul, and foot-tapping. At first I thought maybe this was Daniel Caesar’s new track, but it had too much Prince in it.

From there you could say that I went down a rabbit hole of his work and completely vibed with it.

His tracks just make you feel sexy – but not in a sad, I’m-so-lonely-please-come-feel-me-up, kind of way. It’s more of a main character, dancing-sensually-in-my-bedroom way.

Imagine watching this live with your bad decision of the night. You wouldn’t even be upset if it doesn’t work out.

Everyone deserves a little Lucky Daye in their lives, and I’m here to put you on it. – Quinny Tan, Writer

Rico Nasty

From her unique sound of macho-rap meets punk to her eye-catching fashion and overall badass vibe, Rico Nasty is the one to see live. Hell, her Coachella performance in 2021 was deemed one of the most entertaining sets at the festival – so, that ought to say something.

With hit songs like ‘Smack A Bitch’, it’s no secret that Rico Nasty makes plenty of music that is seemingly made to be screamed.

Her 2019 Anger Management project was said to be an “unapologetic exploration of her anger [that] highlights the feeling of anger as a healthy, self-liberating process”, by Blavity.

Angst is a natural feeling, and this rockstar wholeheartedly embraces it with her work – showing that we don’t have to shy away from expressing anger.

If we do get a Rico Nasty show one day, expect to be welcomed into a raging moshpit.

This is for the gays and the girlies that want to RAGE!!! – Karissa Lund, Writer


Besides having a goddess as a bassist, this trio skyrocketed into success by pulling you into the signature groove of Khruangbin.

Mostly instrumental, the band’s sound has been described as soul, surf, psychedelic, and funk, with one website even describing them as “electronic”.

Their debut studio album, The Universe Smiles Upon You (2015), draws from the history of Thai music in the 1960s, while their second album, Con Todo El Mundo (2018), has influences from Spain and the Middle East.

While it’s hard to pin them down to one genre, their music always manages to capture a well-travelled and worldly earthiness.

Just imagine their powerful mellow aura on stage as you dance hypnotically like a spiritual-bohemian-hermit. – Karissa Lund, Writer

Jorja Smith

Y’all already know the BLM advocate queen, Jorja Smith, who gave us a somber and pulsating track in the form of her debut single, ‘Blue Lights’.

As she delivers her signature subtle raspy vocals, she juxtaposes it with hard-hitting commentary on social issues.

Her presence as a singer and lyricist offers a form of spiritual healing with her songs becoming relevant pieces of our lives which we can circle back to based on whatever it is we’re dealing with.

My most played song by her has to be, ‘Get It Together’ which is in collaboration with Drake, who also combines both R&B/Soul with the essence of upbeat dancehall which gets me faded at clubs – whilst remaining respectful, of course.

Just look at how responsive Jorja is with the crowd and you’ll understand my admiration! Oh what I would give to be a part of that… – Refreshments, Video Editor & Swag Moderator

With all that said, would you attend our festival?

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