The Bright Side: Here’s What Fans Did Enjoy About Billie Eilish’s “Underwhelming” KL Concert

source: Rolling Stone

You’re probably tired of scrolling past back-to-back posts from concert-goers pointing out the weak points of last night’s show, and while there may have been tonnes of room for improvement, here’s a positive, much-needed list of the more lovely side of things.

Billie does deserve the praise, after all!

Billie’s stage presence

Evidently, no circumstances are a match for Billie’s skills and abilities as a performer. In the words of concert-goers themselves, the indie pop sensation’s unwavering energy more than made up for the areas in which the event was lacking, particularly for those who had a better, close-up view of her.

Unsurprisingly, some people also noted that Billie is just as gorgeous in real life as she is through our TV and phone screens.

@mijamiejoo Weiii depan2 cantikkk terooxxs!! @BILLIE EILISH #billieeilishmalaysia ♬ original sound – Mija

I mean, that face with that voice? God really does have his favourites…

The lighting, graphics & vocals

Looks like the tech team played their part!

Ms. Eilish did not come to play with those stunning backdrops. This entire thread of tweets will prove that to you, and we have Twitter user @nashazim14 to thank for these amazing clips that make us feel like we were amongst the crowd.

Billie’s mini ‘therapy sesh’ with fans

Billie may be a stunner and a modern-day music icon, but that’s not all there is to her.

The young singer is wise beyond her years, evident in the snippets of a heartwarming speech she made to fans last night:

Billie advised the audience, which notably comprised of Malaysian youths, to count their blessings; taking unanimous deep breaths in and out to relax themselves following a brisk but uplifting reminder that they were all loved – by her, too.

The patriotic opening act

What do you get when you pair our national anthem with a talented local artist?

A spunky, riff-laden, unforgettable tune, apparently.

Various clips and photos of Muzza‘s take on Negaraku were shared online almost instantly; some in response to a freelance preacher’s sudden claim that the concert will not pose any benefits to the Malaysian society.

Based on the crowd’s response, we also think it’s safe to assume that getting to witness and discover underrated local acts pay tribute to our nation is more than enough reason to attend a concert!

The fact that it happened at all

Yes, we saved the most wholesome part for last.

Whether you’re a fan of Billie or not, it’s undeniable that the event itself is a great indication of the country’s progression towards a post-pandemic world, and while certain aspects of the show were less striking than others, let’s all take a leaf out of Billie’s book and gather in appreciation for the things we (finally) get to see.

So while fans and concert attendees get to look back and reminisce on all the pleasurable things they witnessed last night, what do we, people who missed the concert altogether, get out of all this..?

Fresh memes, of course!