WATCH: Jeffrey Lewis Makes The Coolest COVID-19 Vaccine PSA in ‘I Wanna Be Vaccinated!’

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source: Jeffrey Lewis (Facebook)

I think we can all agree that the Covid-19 pandemic sucks and we cannot wait for it to go away. And in case you forget that time exists (relatively), it’s already April.

Many countries have already done a vaccine rollout, although some are just slower than others. After we get vaccinated and the world reaches herd immunity, things should be able to slowly go back to normal.

We can go back to hugging our friends, go watch a movie or go out dancing in real life, instead of the hundreds of virtual calls we’ve done since it started.

Sharing the same feeling as the rest of the world is Jeffrey Lewis, a New York singer-songwriter and comic book artist who recently shared a Ramone’s tribute song called ‘I Wanna Be Vaccinated!’ in the coolest way ever.

Check it out below!

The music’s rocking as always with Jeffrey, who’s been releasing solid albums either under his own name or with bands for the past two decades. It’s also a deserving rendition of The Ramones’ classic ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’, cleverly reworded to fit today’s context.

But what makes it pop are the hand-drawn pages that show the lyrics and a multitude of superheroes and other characters living in an imagined Covid-19 dystopia. We mean it, there’s everyone from V for Vendetta‘s anarchist V to gangsta rap group NWA, Robocop, Green Goblin, and even Smurfette.

At the end of the video, Lewis shared a message, saying, “It’s not just for you, it’s for everybody. Get your shots!” and added that he’s got an appointment set for a jab.

As Malaysia’s vaccine rollout continues, let’s all remind ourselves of the SOPs by watching and sharing Jeffrey’s video. Hey, even Dr Manhattan, a cosmic godlike being is seen wearing his face-mask here. If he can, we can too!

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