New Cluster in Terengganu Caused By Individual Who Attended Sibling’s Wedding Just To Gift Money & Goodies

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A new Covid-19 cluster appeared in Terengganu due to inter-district travelling of a Sabahan individual who attended their sibling’s wedding that did not adhere to proper SOPs.

According to the Health General of Terengganu, Dr Nor Azimi Yunus, there are 26 positive cases of Covid-19 that spurred from that cluster that is now known as Cluster Taman Rakyat. 11 of those cases are of family members and 15 are guests of the wedding.

Apparently, the only reason the two siblings met was to hand over money and gifts. At the same time, the individual met up with a good friend who then went to another event where they then infected 5 other family members and 7 other guests, as reported by Harian Metro.

Dr Nor highlighted this case as a cautionary tale for others not to cross district borders and hold big events without following proper SOPs. If guests adhered to SOPs, the contraction of the disease could be limited to a minimum and not grow into a cluster.

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Hasil RENTAS NEGERI dari Sabah untuk menghadiri perkahwinan adik akhirnya mencetuskan KLUSTER TAMAN…

Posted by Nor Azimi Yunus on Thursday, April 15, 2021

Social image source: Kosmo

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