Bazaar Ramadhan Goes From IRL to URL with Online Ramadhan Bazaar Portal

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It came as tragic news to Malaysians when we heard that the long-awaited Bazaar Ramadhan has been cancelled to due to Covid-19. That means no walking around in our selipar jepun and huge Ikea bag looking for apam balik, nasi briyani and sate… Cue the sad violin!

As citizens who are determined to flatten the curve, we understand why this was implemented so the sacrifice will not be in vain but what about the vendors whose income depends on their success at the bazaar Ramadhan? For some of them, the bazaar is the best way to profit and since its cancelled, how will they sustain themselves?

source: NST

Well, in Pahang, the government has suggested PahangMart, an online portal where customers and traders can partake in the beloved bazaar tradition, but online.

The portal will cover the entire state of Pahang, showing different stalls that operate in different areas. With that, runners and drivers will be provided. Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail said,

“Images of food items sold by traders will be displayed to make it easy for customers to make their choice before placing orders. Delivery services (runner) is provided. So besides the existing food delivery service riders, PahangMart will also provide a platform for delivery riders and those interested to take up the job (as delivery riders) can contact PahangGo for further details.”


This initiative from Pahang paves the way for hawkers and traders to continue doing business as well as for drivers to continue making wage. It is admirable that even in tough times, we are still thinking of ways to help each other through it. PahangMart will be helping  around 4,639 traders according to reports last year on the amount of traders working at 94 locations in Pahang.

As a customer, all we have to do is get the PahangGo app to enjoy some delicious bazaar Ramadhan food.

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