WATCH: Iconic Electronic Music Duo, Daft Punk Announce Break Up After 28 Years in Farewell Video

source: Billboard

Formed in 1993, Daft Punk, the influential French duo known for their transformative electronic music and sci-fi aesthetics has split up after 28 years.

Like their colourful headgear, the duo – Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo – released a video on YouTube titled ‘Epilogue’ showcasing their exit.

In the 8-minute video, the duo is seen walking in the desert in matching ‘Daft Punk’ jackets. One of them removes the jacket, revealing a detonator while the other presses it then walks away, leaving his companion to go out with a bang, literally. (Sharp-eyed fans would note that the footage used in first part of ‘Epilogue’ is actually from Daft Punk’s 2006 avant-garde sci-fi film Electroma.)

The Grammy-Award winning duo are credited for bringing French underground disco to the charts, and considered as one of the most influential electronic acts of all time.

Daft Punk also made their film score debut for the 2010’s sci-fi film Tron: Legacy. While the movie pretty much blew, the soundtrack is still a banger ’til this day.

We’ve all danced to hits like ‘One More Time’, ‘Around The World’ and sometimes even fefeeling a bit when ‘Something About Us’ comes on shuffle, but this marks the end of a three decade journey with the robot dance heroes.