WATCH: How Well Do Malaysians Know Their Ribena?

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When you think about drinks that all Malaysians grew up loving, one of the most iconic ones has gotta be Ribena!

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Raz: “Where my mom would put it right into the baby bottle.”

Ashley: “OH MY GOD!!! YES YES!”

Raz: “Yes Darling!”

Ashley: “I used to drink it from my baby bottle too!”

When Ribena challenged us to put our taste buds to the test and see just how well we know our Ribena, we were super excited to revisit a childhood favourite

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In this challenge, we had to taste different varieties of Ribena and see if we could correctly identify which is which. We were served with glasses of Ribena Lightly Sparkling, Ribena Cordial, the all-new Ribena Light, and Ribena Cheer Pack.

How did we fare? Do we truly know our Ribena? Watch the full video below to find out:

We started off super confident that we had this in the bag. We gots this y’all. We’re the Ribena experts.

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John: “I think this is the original one.”

Tammy: “Yup!”

John: “This is definitely the original one. My mom would be disappointed if I got this wrong.”

But the more we drank, the more confused we got. Why do they all taste so good?!

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Colin: “I think this is the cordial one.”

Tarvin: “I think this is the cordial also actually.”

Colin: “You just said the other one was the cordial one.”

Tarvin: “Ya ya, maybe mistake already. Maybe the other one was really the packet one wor.”

But eventually, most of us were able to correctly identify the Ribena varieties. Now y’all know who the true Ribena lovers are.

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Producer: “You (Ashley) got two right, two wrong. He (Raz) got one right.”

Ashley: *laughs in victory*

Raz: “I hate this game.”

If watching this video has got you craving a refreshing glass of that yummy blackcurrant flavoured fruit drink, give the all-new Ribena Light a try!

Sweetened with sugar and Stevia, the new Ribena Light has 50% less sugar than other varieties of Ribena. But don’t worry, it doesn’t compromise on taste at all! It still tastes exactly the same as the Ribena we all grew up loving.

Enjoy the same natural goodness of your favourite Ribena but just lighter. Try it today for a new and refreshing option! You can grab one at your nearest supermarket.

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