WATCH: How To Hack Your Life The Malaysian Way

source: SAYS

Sometimes, doing things the proper way is just too ma fan. But come on lah, we Malaysian yo! We’re the experts at coming up with all kinds of creative hacks to solve our problems. 😉

Watch the video below to see the Malaysian way of getting things done:

Cannot reach the parking machine? Just attach your Touch ‘n Go to a fly swatter and you’re good to go!

source: SAYS

Omg the remote is so faaaaaarrrrr and you’re already in such a comfortable position. No problem, guna kaki je lah hehe!

source: SAYS

You’re nice and cozy in your bed. But then you start to feel a tickle in your throat. Ain’t nobody got time to go aaaalllll the way to the kitchen.

source: SAYS

Keep a water dispenser by your bedside, and you’ll never have to drag yourself out of bed to grab a glass of water again!

With the Spritzer Mini Dispenser, you’ll always have premium water at your fingertips

source: Spritzer

The lightweight dispenser offers easy mobility, allowing you to place it anywhere you like. Have it in your home or office, and you can even bring it along on a road trip or when you go camping.

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This story was originally published on SAYS.