WATCH: ‘Hantu’ Working Out Using Gym Equipment Gets Caught by The Police

(source: Mstar)

Even in the after-life, this ghost is taking care of its health!

According to Mstar, police in India were called to a park in the middle of the night by concerned citizens who reported “paranormal activity” after a piece of outdoor gym equipment started moving by itself.

On 11 June, officers at Kashiram Park in the Jhansi city filmed the bizarre sight as they saw a shoulder press machine noisily moving up and down on its own.

The next day, the hair-raising clip was shared by former cricketer Aakash Chopra on Twitter with the caption, “Apparently this happened somewhere in UP. Received via WA. Who’s exercising?”.

Take a look:

The video went viral and has garnered over 126k views so far. Many replied jokingly by saying it’s Mr India, an Indian fictional superhero character whose power is invisibility. Many also asked if it was John Cena, cause you know… you can’t see him.

(source: Giphy)

After further investigation by the police, it was soon discovered that it was the work of pranksters who had liberally lubricated the machine and set it in motion.

I guess there is no ‘hantu’ gym freak utilising this lockdown to get their fitness on…

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