This Klang Man Placed a Tombstone in a Pothole After His Complaints Were Ignored

(source: Brotherhood Shah Alam FB)

Potholes are the single most annoying thing about driving. Not only can it mess up your car’s alignment but it can be highly dangerous and cause unexpected accidents that could lead to serious injuries.

For the sake of everyone’s safety, it’s up to us to inform respective authorities when there are dangerous holes on the road. Recently on Facebook, a man in Klang did exactly that.

After his complaints were ignored, he took it upon his own hands to bring awareness in the most drastic way ever – planting a tombstone straight into the pothole.

It was a sign of protest accompanied with a message.

Take a look:

The post was shared on the Facebook page Brotherhood Shah Alam, with the caption: “All of you want to call my brother an idiot for placing a tombstone in the pothole? But you’re even more idiotic for not caring about the complaints that have been done. There’s not even a response or action taken!”

The author added: “Do you know what it means when a tombstone is placed like this?  It means the souls of innocent road drivers are awaiting at this hole of death.”

Concluding the post, the caption read, “Salute to Brotherhood Pulau Indah 29 who are working tonight” – which is probably a nod to their Pulau Indah chapter who are taking action by patching up potholes by themselves; and “For Our Fallen Brothers and Sisters”.

Well, you could say the protest was successful because after 12 hours from the time the post was shared, authorities were seen fixing up the pothole.

UNESCAP reported that in 2019, Malaysia had the third highest fatality rate from road traffic accidents in Asia and ASEAN, behind Thailand and Vietnam.

It’s a shame that it takes drastic measures like this to get a point across. We’re happy there’s one less pothole on the road. On the other hand, we have to remember that it’s our collective duty report potholes and other road conditions that might harm users to the authorities.

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