WATCH: Dreamy Lo-fi Duo, Wobbebong Sings About Kambing Bakar & Freestyle Raps for JUICE: Home Jams

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JUICE: Home Jams is back with our third instalment and this time we are featuring the effervescent, dreamy duo, Wobbebong who makes up for their infancy in the music scene with immense personality and lilting tunes.

Despite the limitations of the pandemic, we at JUICE have reinvigorated our style and injected our signature JUICE flair into this latest episode, so we can bring to you live performances that are engaging enough not to be played in the background while you’re getting stuff done.

Not only did Wobbebong wow us with their charming indie psychedelic, but they also blessed us with some sick freestyle rap and sexy dances.

Who is Wobbebong?

While the duo themselves are incredibly new to the scene with only one single available on Spotify, the girls themselves have been around for years – one even making an appearance during JUICE’s iconic magazine days.

Hanna is a prominent member of the duo, Juno & Hanna while Aisya makes up for 1/3 of the band, Lopsided.

But together, they coalesced to create dreampop wonder, Wobbebong, gracing us with music that feels reminiscent of the immersive transcendence of Beach House, sultry soothingness of Melody’s Echo Chamber and wistful experimentalism of Deerhunter.

What’s new with them?

Dropping their first single, ‘Sleepy House’ which feels and sounds exactly as advertised, the duo is still in the process of releasing their other tracks.

But JUICE managed to persuade the girls into sharing their unreleased singles, ‘Kambing Bakar’ and ‘6 Feet Under’, with us…

Where can I watch this?

I want more of Wobbebong!

Follow the girls through the social media links below, as they consistently put out covers and originals, and showcase their bubbly personalities through series of Tik Toks where they demonstrate their creative process.

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