WATCH: Chef Cat, Si Comel Cooks Up an Ameow-zing Meal & It’s Adorable

(source: YouTube)

Step aside Remy because a cat is coming for your little chef’s hat! Recently, a YouTube video by SmartHeart, shows its heroine – better known as Si Comel, using her little white paws to slice up tuna fish, cut-up vegetables and cook up a meow-zing meal.

While her goal is to be known in the entire cat population for her favourite SmartHeart cat meals, her biggest dream is to star in a kitchen show – and it looks like it’s coming true…

Now, before we show you Si Comel’s skills in the kitchen – here’s everything you need to know about this furry chef!

(source: YouTube)

At the heart of it, Si Comel constantly discovers new recipes as she loves to explore and is always ready to seek new adventures. She gets this trait straight from her mother who has been supporting the blue-eye kitty along the way. Besides being an inspiration, her mother has taught her from an early age to be kind and honest to others.

In fact, Si Comel even started a small stall and gave food donations to stray cats – some even dubbed her as a hero with a pure heart!

But it didn’t start easy for the white long-tailed cat to get where she is now. When she first tried her paws in cooking, she accidentally set her kitchen on fire. Despite that, she never quit and tried her best to purr-fect her recipes.

Since then, she started her journey to becoming a chef by mixing and trying out new ingredients to cook. Don’t believe us? Here’s the video proof:

Though you can certainly follow these intricate recipes for your own cooking, we highly recommend just trying out Si Comel’s meals that come in dry and wet! Each bite from SmartHeart will help our four-legged friends maintain good muscles, shiny coats, stronger bones and teeth, including good eye functions.

Feeding your cat an appropriate diet depending on their age and lifestyle is the most essential thing you can do for its lifelong health too! That’s why SmartHeart’s nutritious value specifically targets cats’ different life stages.

It comes in dry food, pouched wet food, canned wet foods and even treats!

So, now that you know Si Comel better – time to put your knowledge to the test so you might be among the winners to receive a set of all her favourite meals! Purr-fect for your own kitty’s palate and health!

It’s simple – all you have to do is fill in this form and answer the questions about what you’ve learned about Si Comel. The contest will run from 1 Feb to 20 Feb – plenty of time for you to get to know the lovable kitty!

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If you’re excited to try out SmartHeart’s meal for your kitty, you can purchase it through SmartHeart’s website, Shopee or Lazada!