SmartHeart REFINE: A Fine Dining Experience For Your Si Comel

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We can all agree that cats are just bundles of fluffy joy. They just have so many antics which make them unique, special and loveable. Although sometimes they can get on our nerves, we will eventually forgive (they know we will) and love them. Probably even give them a kiss or two.

As a cat owner, all you want to do is treat them like they deserve to be treated – with love and care. Apart from getting massages and playtime, all cats want to fill their tummies with tasty food, so choosing the right cat food is essential to a happy kitty.

However, cats can be picky with what we put in their bowls and we need to pamper them with highly desirable cuisines.

There’s an easy way to do that, and even the fussiest cats won’t say no to SmartHeart REFINE. A Fine Dining gourmet cuisine reward for your Si Comel any day, every day.

A Fine Dining experience for your Si Comel? Here’s why you should get SmartHeart REFINE for them…

A fluffy ball enjoying SmartHeart REFINE. source: SmartHeart

Just like us, cats like to eat tasty and healthy food. That is why SmartHeart REFINE is the best choice for your Si Comel. SmartHeart REFINE keeps its Fine Dining cuisines in individually sealed packs for optimum freshness – a fresh pack each day to pamper your cat.

They’re made using human-grade food sourced from the best ingredients that are delicious and high in nutrition and made exceptionally following international safety standards.

You choose whatever your Si Comel desires from an extensive and exquisite menu of flavourful gourmet cat food, guaranteed to fill to their heart’s content.

The Fine Dining concept from SmartHeart REFINE reaches out to those who seek to reward their feline friends’ taste buds with selected premium white meat tuna prepared in delicacy gourmet recipes that come in four flavours.

So, what’s the difference between standard tuna meat and SmartHeart REFINE’s?

source: SmartHeart REFINE

We often see “premium” stamped on a package, but what does that mean? In this case, SmartHeart REFINE uses selected premium white meat from tuna fish, which is in demand due to its prime quality.

The selection of white meat tuna in SmartHeart REFINE Premium Cat Pouch is graded as Human Food Grade that is specified for cats. Each delicacy is prepared in a refined and intricate texture and structure, with no added colouring or preservatives to give your cat the best fine dining experience that it’ll only get from SmartHeart REFINE.

Individually packed as single a meal, this allows you to choose any recipe, and regardless of your cat’s preferences, there is always something for them with SmartHeart REFINE. It is absolute fine dining for even the most demanding cat and it will keep them wanting for more.

Check out the flavours below:

Selected Tuna with Bonito in Jelly

Selected Tuna with Crab Sticks in Jelly

Selected Tuna with Chicken Flakes in Jelly

Selected Tuna in Jelly

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To get the discount, head to SmartHeart Online Shop and key in the promo code before you check out.

*Valid until 31 August 2020

That’s not all, you can also win SmartHeart REFINE products by entering this contest…

source: SmartHeart REFINE

The Dine Refine contest runs from 1 May 2020 until 31 August 2020. To enter, all you need to do is:

– Click the pinned post on SmartHeart REFINE’s Facebook page.
– Snap a picture of your Si Comel with a SmartHeart REFINE Cat Pouch as shown in the poster.
– Share a photo of your Si Comel in the comment section.

You have a chance to win 2000x SmartHeart REFINE that is ready for your cat to dine!

So what are you waiting for? Get SmartHeart REFINE meow at SmartHeart Online Shop!

For more information, check out SmartHeart REFINE on Facebook.