WATCH: Businesswoman Flaunts RM16,000 Telekung Made of High-End Swarovski Crystals on TikTok

Where do we finally draw the line when it comes to exploiting your religion for views and/or money?

In April last year, Neelofa was attacked viciously online for selling “Muslim friendly” rubber slippers for RM79.

The celebrity and Fipper collaborated on the slippers, which are designed to make it easier for Muslims to do ibadah (prayers).

This time, Bawal Exclusive business founder @halizamaysuri uploaded a TikTok video of her in a black telekung (prayer veil) set that’s priced at a whopping RM16,000!

@halizamaysuriSemuanya Allah yang bagi 💚♬ Bukan Aisyah bukan Siti Khodijah – Iren Lafebian

In the 18-second clip, the entrepreneur shows the fully blinged-out telekung with a text that says “Meeting God in an RM16,000 telekung. Now I don’t have to feel guilty for wearing luxury handbags when I see my friends.”

Malaysians quickly typed their feelings out in the comments section.

One user said “But to my knowledge, Allah likes humility. Correct me if I’m wrong.”

Another user commented, “Actually, there’s no need to tell everyone.”

This isn’t the first time that the businesswoman came under fire.

Previously, she caused quite a controversy by selling a bawal headscarf for RM33,000 through her business.

But what makes this telekung so expensive?

The telekung set is apparently made out of high-end Swarovski crystals with the finest lace.

You can’t get it by simply placing an order online either as unsurprisingly, it’s only made by custom order.

Besides the crystals and lace, there’s really no other exclusive aspect to it.

Unfortunately, the telekung is still not hell-proof and it won’t make God grant your wishes any faster than the telekung set that’s selling for only RM50 at Shopee.

In our final verdict, you’re not missing out!