WATCH: ‘Budak Darjah Satu’ Tries to Escape From 1st Day of School by Sprinting Like an Athlete

(source: Malay Mail)

Yesterday (1 March) marked the first day of school after months of disruption due to the movement control order and some kids are simply not ready yet – just like this ‘smol’ Year 1 boy.

His recorded “getaway” that was shared on the Info Roadblock JPJ/Polis Facebook page was the subject of much amusement. Believed to have taken place in Jengka 4, Pahang, the boy can be seen running away with his school bag while being chased and recorded by a man, believed to be a member of the school staff.

The post has garnered over 18,000 likes and has been shared over 5,000 times on Facebook.

Watch the great escape, here:

“Hey ‘dik’, come here! Come back here ‘dik’, there’s police ahead, let me send you home,” the man can be heard pleading to the boy in the video. As the man tried to catch his breath, a lady riding a motorcycle believed to be the boy’s guardian pulled over to pick up the young boy.

Many netizens were amused with the little boy’s antics and some even complimented the man who tried to chase him.

“Good job Pak Cik, even though you were breathless, but you still manage to focus your camera on the incident,” said user Rizal Omar. Others were tickled by the woman…

“The mom came chasing with a cub prix motorcycle, the exhaust is really something else, a standard motorcycle couldn’t outrun her,” said user Subhi Anuar. However, the boy’s athleticism dominated the conversation, with many praising his speed.

“The man who was recording was left breathless, the kid is so fast, he could be the next national sprinter,” user Muhaimin Mien Hosen commented.

“Dik be patient, every school will surely have a cross-country run, I’m confident you’ll be the champion,” joked user Mira Rahman.