WATCH: Boboiboy Teams Up With DG Noor Hisham in PSA Video On How To Curb The COVID-19 Virus

When you think of front-liners during this COVID-19 outbreak, who comes to mind?

If you said, DG Noor Hisham then you’d definitely be right but now we can add another front-liner to our mental list of people to thank for spreading awareness on the dangers of the virus.

Apparently, this front-liner comes in a colourful 2D form by the name of Boboiboy. This little animated Malaysian boy used to fight aliens but now he has a greater purpose in life… fighting the COVID-19 virus.

In a short 1-minute PSA uploaded onto YouTube, Boboiboy and his rag-tag team of friends struggle to battle and win against coronavirus particles floating menacingly in the air. After exhausting their alien technology and fighting skills, they seek advice from DG Noor Hisham.

That’s when the DG really saves the day by pumping some hand sanitiser and immediately banishing the particles from existence.

Then, the team as well as our DG begin to educate not only young children but anyone who’s watching on the integral steps that need to be taken to curb the virus.

These steps are CAPP which stand for Cegah, Amal, Patuhi and Pantau which translates to Prevent, Practice, Obey and Monitor.

Check out the cute video below:

As a parting message, the DG reminds everyone that you don’t need superpowers to protect each other, you just need to practice CAPP.