WATCH: 25-Year-Old Online ‘Bomoh’ Caught Mid-Ritual by Cops & The Scene is Horrifying!

(source: FB)

Over the weekend, a 25-year-old shaman was detained by authorities after firefighters responded to distress calls from neighbours who thought his home was on fire. What they thought to be a burning house turned out to be something more sinister, and we have a feeling that the abang-abang bomba were not expecting this…

Upon arriving at the location, authorities found lit candles, a large bonfire and other burnings used for what looks like black magic. More shockingly is when they found bowls of blood, entrails, eggs and pictures of would-be victims.

(source: FB)

Since then, the young bomoh has been captured and an investigation is currently underway.

It is believed that the bomoh was casting a ‘break-up’ spell upon men and women as there were many photos of couples with the word “separator” written on them.

According to Vocket, the bomoh allegedly offers his services through online platforms.

(source: The Vocket)

Besides these pictures, the fiery scene was captured in a short clip by a neighbour and has since been heavily circulated on social media. Netizens who were shocked to see the video said it looks like a scene from a horror movie.

Take a look:

In Islam, black magic is condemned. Sorcery or witchcraft (sihir) is often equated with trickery aimed at conflating falsehood with the rational association of causes and effects. As such, the bomoh might be prosecuted by the Syariah court if he is a Malaysian Muslim.

Welp, let’s hope the ritual didn’t succeed and there will be no more victims.