M’sian Buyer Shocked to Find Shopee Item Wrapped in Coconut, Netizens Calls It Eco-Friendly

(source: IRA / FB)

With all the horror stories of people receiving their online shopping items damaged or broken through courier services, packaging has become a very important element for sellers. While the popular wrapping materials are bubble wraps, boxes and even airbags, this Shopee customer received a very special packaging with his order…

Recently, a Facebook user who goes by Raynorton Motorsport uploaded a photo of his package wrapped in just coconut skin and tape!

According to the post, he bought a motorcycle part from shopping platform Shopee and was caught off-guard when the parcel arrived. The caption said, “Bought an item for Shopee and it came with a coconut. Don’t throw it out just yet, make sure to open it up to hehe”.

Check it out:

With more than 300 shares, netizens are praising the creativity of the seller and some even noted that it’s eco-friendly. There were also comments praising the seller for thinking outside the box for alternative packaging.

Take a look at what netizens had to say: