Twitter User Discovers M’sian Swingers Group on Facebook & Netizens Aren’t Happy About It…

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Much Love to Many Lovers: An Exploration of Polyamory - TheVibe — Spirit of Our Times
source: The Vibe

Polyamorous relationships are a slippery slope. Being in a relationship with one partner is enough of a headache but imagine engaging in romantic relationships with more than one person.

Trust is needed to form these relationships but since the line in the sand has been completely blurred by non-heteronormative practices, many fail at their attempt of a polyamorous relationship.

Despite that, the act of swinging is ironically in full-swing even during the pandemic.

Twitter user @emrhaqim recently went viral after he posted a thread of his discovery on Facebook. Apparently, there has been an active “swinger group” promoting their spouses online for the purpose of group sex and threesomes.

He came across this group by accident when he was trying to search “tukar nama” (“change name”) but he stumbled upon the “Group Tukar Pasangan Suami Isteri” instead.

Out of curiosity, Haqim joined the private group and to his surprise, there were many patrons who were voluntarily trading partners for sexual pleasure.

While some netizens are passionately against the swingers group, others feel like it’s none of their business and that they have no right to tell others how to live their lives.

The majority feels that open relationships are dangerous for obvious reasons such as breach of trust, probability of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and potential pregnancies out of wedlock.

Of course, if done with consenting, healthy and responsible adults, these issues would not arise but alas, we can’t have that much trust for people who are this desperate to get their rocks off.


Haqim has since tagged numerous political figures in his thread in order to spread more awareness of this group.

He was worried that maybe some users were doing it against their partner’s consent or knowledge hence how his tweet could prompt couples to check up on what their spouses are doing online.

However, after going viral, Haqim has become more cautious and afraid for his safety since it angered many members of the group. He has since filed a police report against them.

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