Villagers Confused by ‘Goat Born with Human Face’, Some Think It’s The Reincarnation of Their Ancestor

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source: Facebook

We’re all aware of the Mastika magazine covers where a child is cursed with a deformed face for betraying their mother in some sort of arbitrary way.

Well, it turns out a goat was recently born in India with a face that resembles a human.

baby goat with human face

The goat, while born with a creepy human face, had four legs and two ears just like any regular goat. The only other deformity was that it was born without a tail.

What made it even more similar to a human face was that it actually had a beard as well.

Sadly, it only lived for about 10 minutes before passing away.

However, while the body was still around, some folks at the village in Gujarat, India, managed to perform rituals and prayers surrounding it, for they believed the goat was a reincarnation of their great grandmother. Others believed it to be an avatar of God.

Check it out:

I’m sure you’re wondering, could this goat be an offspring of human-animal reproduction? To that I answer, why you no study science in school, huh?

Interspecies breeding won’t produce offspring because the animal and human gametes cannot form a hybrid. Therefore, it is impossible for a human to produce offspring with an animal.

And no, it’s not because of a mother’s curse either. But, it’s still pretty funny to recall our old Mastika-reading days when we see something like this.