VIDEO: When Your Wife Wants Satay But All The Stalls Tepi Jalan Are Closed. How Lah!

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Cover image via SAYS

Do you love satay as much as Said? He’s a simple man who is obsessed with the Malaysian favourite

Image via SAYS

V/O: “How much does Said love satay you ask? As much as he loves his wife, who coincidentally, loves satay too.”

And she wants them for dinner tonight. Huh?? How to find satay at this hour??

Watch the video below to see Said struggling to get satay for his wife:

Said quickly heads to his favourite satay stall, only to find out they’re not open until later 🙁

Image via SAYS

So many satay stalls not yet open before 7pm, how lah liddat? But never mind, Said refuses to give up and continues looking for satay.

FINALLY, he finds another stall selling satay, and it’s open, YAY! But aiyoooo the waiting time is soooo long.

Image via SAYS

Wait for two hours?! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Just as Said has given up all hope, his wife tells him that there IS one more place that sells satay, yaaaaaassss!

Image via SAYS

V/O: “And there she was, the love of his life. Turns out, she wanted to surprise Said with satay too. Said has never felt so much joy.”

In the end, Said and the love of his life get to satisfy their satay cravings. What a happy ending. <3

Image via SAYS

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Enjoy the succulent chicken or beef patty dipped in sweet peanut sauce with onions and cucumbers, sandwiched between two sesame seed buns. Or go for Coney, where the sausage is drenched with peanut sauce, and topped with onions and cucumber in a hot dog bun. Oof so good!

And don’t forget to enjoy the new chunky, nutty goodness with a glass of your favourite RB and some curly fries on the side!

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