FINALLY! Penang’s Assam Laksa Ranked at 7th Place in “The World’s 50 Best Foods” List by CNN

source: Season With Spice

It’s a known fact that Penang has an array of the best dishes made in Malaysia, from nasi kandar to char kuey teow, pasembur… and if we were to make a specific list, it would go on beyond this article.

Now, Penang’s very own assam laksa has earned the 7th spot in “The World’s 50 Best Food” list by CNN, even beating Thailand’s tom yum goong at number 8.

However, Thailand’s massaman curry gets the first spot on the list, with Italy’s Neapolitan pizza second and Mexico’s chocolate at third.

Japan’s sushi ranks at fourth, with China’s peking duck at fifth and Germany’s hamburger at sixth. Ice cream (global) ranks at ninth while Gabon’s chicken muamba is at 10th place.

And how the mighty have fallen, as this time, Singapore’s famed chicken rice ranks at number 45. Also, Ketchup (yes, tomato sauce) from the States comes in at 39. Err… okay.

source: TripAdvisor

Laksa doesn’t need an introduction here since you can’t really call yourself a Malaysian if you haven’t tasted a bowl of rice noodles bathe in a delicious sour – or assam – broth with chunks of mackerel, chilli, pineapple and more.

As a Malaysian, I am proud and confident to say that yes, Penang’s assam laksa is very delicious and yes, I would like another bowl of it.