Burger King Recommends Customers To Order Food From McDonald’s & Other Fast Food Chains

source: Medium

After new coronavirus measures have been put in place in the UK, Burger King put out a shocking statement, urging its customers to order food from its competitors.

The fast food giant encourages fans to support its sister chains like McDonald’s, KFC and other franchises and independent eateries by ordering food for takeaway, home delivery or drive-thru to help thousands of people employed in the F&B industry.

In a statement posted on Twitter, they open with “Order food from McDonald’s”.

source: Burger King UK (Twitter)

“We never thought we’d be asking you this, just like we never thought we’d be encouraging you to order from KFC, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Five Guys, Greggs, Taco Bell, Papa John’s, Leon… or any of the other independent food outlets, to numerous to mention here.”

Burger King explains that this is to help thousands of employees who need support from people, especially during the pandemic. Many who came across the tweet applauded Burger King UK for showing class.

They close their statement by saying, “Getting a Whooper is always best, but ordering a Big Mac is also not such a bad thing.”

Hmm… sounds like a sneaky sign-off ala advertising double-speak, but I guess their message still counts as the pandemic has ravaged businesses the world over, including in Malaysia where F&B businesses need our help too.