[VIDEO] We’ve Tried Malaysia’s First Ever Micellar Hair Products For A Week And The Results Were…

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Ok, we’ve all probably heard of micellar water as makeup removers. What about in hair products?

Pantene Micellar shampoo in Guardian Malaysia. source: SAYS

Well, Pantene recently launched their first ever Pantene Micellar shampoo series so we tested them out to see what’s the hype all about.

SAYS girls testing Pantene Micellar shampoos. source: SAYS

Can you guess what happened to our hair after using the micellar shampoo for a week?

SAYS girls discussing about Pantene Micellar shampoo. source: SAYS

Watch the full video to check out our hair transformations:

Pantene’s new micellar shampoo and conditioner pair the ‘Gentle’ and ‘Effective’ cleansing benefits to allow the same level of treatment to the hair as it would to the skin.

Pantene Micellar shampoo series. source: Pantene Malaysia/Facebook

The newly launched Pantene Pro-V Micellar Collection contains micellar formula that detoxes hair from root to tip in a very gentle and nourishing manner.

For normal to oily hair types, there is the Detox & Purify collection (blue variant) while the Detox & Moisturize collection (green variant) suit dry hair tips and oily hair types better.

Wanna try out Pantene’s Micellar shampoo and conditioner for yourself? Grab them at your nearest Guardian outlet today! Now available nationwide.

This story was originally published on SAYS.