VIDEO: Watch These Malaysian Women Test Out Vaseline’s New Dry Serum Deodorant

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source: SAYS

Have you heard of deodorant dry serum?

source: SAYS

There’s been a lot of buzz in the beauty community about it being the latest breakthrough in beauty innovations.

It’s basically a new type of deodorant that’s very different from the usual roll-ons or sprays that we’re used to. Deodorant dry serum is more like a cream or a lotion that you squeeze out of a tube and apply directly to your underarms. It also dries two times faster than roll-ons.

In our latest episode of #SAYSbeauty, we decided to find out more about this new type of deodorant by reviewing Vaseline’s Deodorant Dry Serum

We judged it according to three different criteria – stickiness, skincare, and smell.

What did we think? Watch the full video below to find out:


Proving its fast-drying ability, Vaseline’s Deodorant Dry Serum left no stickiness when we attempted the tissue challenge. Meanwhile, the roll-on stayed wet and took much longer to dry.

source: SAYS

Jenna: “Okay, okay, you can press hard and rub.”

Tammy: “I’m pressing and the tissue’s falling off. Not bad!”

In terms of skincare, the Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum has some clear benefits as it contains collagen, vitamin B3, and even petroleum jelly mico-droplets. All these ingredients are great for your skin!

source: SAYS

Jenna: “I think collagen is something that helps plump up your skin, makes you look really youthful. And I read up that vitamin B3 is a vitamin that helps reduce your fine lines and also tightens your skin and your pores.”

Tammy: “Okay, that’s pretty good for your armpits.”

Jenna: “Right?!”

Tammy: “Considering that we shave it.”

And finally, how did it smell? Really good in fact! We liked its light, floral scent that wasn’t too overpowering.

source: SAYS

Tammy: “It smells lotion-y, and powder-y, or floral-y.”

Jenna: “Yeah, I would say floral.”

Tammy: “It’s not too strong.”

Overall, Vaseline’s Deodorant Dry Serum gets a thumbs up from us!

Here are some of its benefits:
– Evens skin tone and works to repair the damage at your underarm area
– Has the ability to repair up to 20 layers of skin
– Has been proven to repair underarm skin, giving you a visibly fairer underarm
– Gives you up to 48-hour odour protection

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This story was originally published on SAYS.