VIDEO: Strangers Smelled Us After We Ran A Marathon

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source: SAYS

Downy recently presented us with an interesting 2-part challenge

Part 1 was to run a marathon. And as if that wasn’t already hard enough, we still had to deal with Part 2 – getting people to SMELL US right after we finish running AAAAHHHH!

Did we survive the marathon? How did we smell afterwards? Watch the full video below to find out:

Before the run, we all washed our shirts with Downy Expert Sports Concentrate Fabric Softener, and we absolutely loveeeddd the smell *deep inhales*

source: SAYS

Iylia: “If you’re an ARMY, you’d know that Jungkook from BTS – this is actually one of his favourite softeners to use. So… this is like my chance to smell like him.”

Then, it was time to try our best not to die as we took turns running the 21km half marathon in a relay format

source: SAYS

Zaidi: “Am I the worst one?”

Producer: “Yes. So far yes…”

And finally, the moment of truth, jeng jeng jengggg. We looked like gross, sweaty messes after the run, but how did we smell?

source: SAYS

Marathon participant: “Smells like cloth.”

Riyal: “Like cloth?”

Marathon participant: “Ya.”

Riyal: “So, it’s like no sweat smell or whatever?”

Marathon participant: “Ya, no sweat smell.”

Riyal: “It just smells like cloth?”

Marathon participant: “Ya.”

Overall, the responses were pretty positive! Some even questioned whether we even really ran at all lol.

source: SAYS

Marathon participant: “Betul ke lari ni?”

Zaidi: “Betul ke lari ni?! *starts ranting*

With a refreshing and clean scent, Downy Expert Sports Concentrate Fabric Softener will keep you smelling good all day long!

source: Lazada

The concentrated formula offers up to 24 hours odour protection. It’s safe to use every day for the whole family, including for children’s clothes.

From sweaty clothes, to that stale smell that you get from drying clothes indoors, the Downy Expert Sports Concentrate Fabric Softener can neutralise all malodours, leaving a fresh scent behind.

Grab one today and try it yourself!

This story was originally published on SAYS.