VIDEO: P. Ramlee Reincarnated? This Man Looks & Sounds Just Like Him

(source: The Star)

The late, great P. Ramlee may not be with us now, but his breadth of work is something that has never stop entertaining Malaysians, even generations later. When netizens found a 5-minute clip of a local lookalike singing ‘Maafkan Kami’ from the iconic film Pendekar Bujang Lapok, many couldn’t believe their eyes.

From the singing and down to the hair, the impersonator in the viral video is actually a Sandakan-born man named Fairuz Misran. According to Harian Metro, the 34 year old was shock to see that his video of him singing on Facebook live was liked and shared by a huge amount of people.

Raised in Kimanis, Kota Kinabalu, he stated that he uploaded the Facebook live clip last year in December. In this one month span, the video caught the attention of netizens and now he is flooded with messages from fans that adore him. He even said to Harian Metro that some music producers also approached him to work on a song with him.

(source: Fairuz’s FB)

Although many opportunities was given to him, Fairuz remains humble and said that he is not that great to be compared with the legendary P. Ramlee, and sees the iconic star as his idol.

While speaking with The Star, Fairuz said P. Ramlee was a timeless figure and his songs were unique enough to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

“When I put on a video in his style, at least it can attract youngsters to listen to his songs… Of course I can’t replace him, as he was a great person and irreplaceable. I am just using my talent to help the public to keep on being interested in P. Ramlee’s pieces,” he said.

(source: Rojak Daily)

It turns out, he is known for being “P Ramlee” in his hometown. Ever since he was 17, Fairuz joined competitions and did shows as P. Ramlee. Predictably with his talent, he had won most of the shows he competed in.

Although Fairuz is working as a food supplier, he still does shows impersonating P. Ramlee on the side. Especially around Kota Kinabalu and some occasions in Kuala Lumpur. He also stated that one day he would love to sing and create an album of his own songs.

Check out the video below:

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