Instant Noodles That Taste Like Pringles Exist!

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We all have our favourite junk foods we turn to in both good and bad times. Pringles have always been our go to snack for munchies, and instant noodles are about easiest dish to prepare at home to fake a meal. So having these two super-salty comfort foods combined is like having that duo we never knew we needed in our lives, like Axl Rose and Bugs Bunny.

The fact that it does exist, makes us even more intrigued.

Pringles have previously dabbled in local Japanese flavours including sukiyaki and takoyaki octopus balls. Now, the chips brand is rowing the boat even further into deep waters by producing a Pringles-flavoured ramen.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pringles and the 30th anniversary of Japanese instant noodles brand Super Cup, the two brands are combining their powers to release two new flavours of Super Cup ramen noodles – Sour Cream & Onion, and Jalapeno & Onion.


A reviewer at SoraNews24 said that he was relieved to find that this didn’t taste like a cheap gimmick.

“It was all very well balanced, with the familiar flavour of yakisoba combining brilliantly with the richness of onion and the mellowness of the sour cream, creating a truly unique and tasty instant noodle experience,” K (the reviewer) said of the sour cream and onion variant.

(source: Gajinpot)

As for the jalapeno and onion flavour, he said that it had a rich onion taste rounding out the salty flavours, and although he didn’t think it would be possible, K felt that it more closely resembled the chip flavour than the sour cream and onion yakisoba.

Sound like our college days diet, LOL..

The noodles are available at stores in Singapore and Japan, however, Malaysians can apparently purchase them on Lazada where they sell a packet at around RM20, depending on the reseller.

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