VIDEO: Mistresses of Indonesian MPs Threaten to Expose Their Relationships Unless They Revoke #OmnibusLaw

(source: Twitter)

The revolution has many faces but this one has to be the most unexpected plot twist regarding the #OmnibusLaw riots happening right now in Indonesia.

To give you some context: The controversial law was recently passed by Indonesian ministers and many are upset because the new bill would cut wages, remove sick leave provisions and undermine job security. Not only that but environmentalist noted that the bill eliminates environmental protection too.

While many angry protesters are bringing their frustrations to the streets, there is a specific group of people who brought it to TikTok. Whatever you want to call them – mistresses, side-hoes, call girls, sugar babies – have banded together to create TikTok videos with warnings to specific ministers that if they don’t want to be exposed, then they have to revoke the bill.

Many of these clips included private messages, pictures and even videos of them with the ministers. The videos also said that they will report their secret relationship to the ministers’ families, especially their wives.

P*ssy power indeed! Take a look at this thread and some of the reactions by netizens: