VIDEO: Hardcore Shoppers Nearly Wrecked the Door Down At Victoria’s Secret Sale

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(source: Paris Capitale)

We all know that Malaysians love sales, but sometimes the excitement can be overbearing–literally. Yesterday a couple of clips emerged on social media showing shoppers pushing and shoving to get into a Victoria’s Secret outlet.

In fact, it went to the point where we could see shoppers nearly pushing the door down as employees try to hold them back. Some VS outlets had to shut down the store temporarily as they needed to restock the items and immediately re-open to please the customers.

It is believed that the screaming shoppers were scrambling over the Victoria’s Secret Fresh Escape Mist Collection promotion, which retails for RM79 each but dropped down to RM39 for the sale.

With more than 20k views now on Facebook, netizens are definitely judging the shoppers ‘wild’ attitude. Take a look at the videos below:

We get it, it’s cheap. But is it really THAT worth it? The mist only lasts for a few hours on your body and we see shoppers out here going crazy. Also, here’s another tip: If there’s a sale, keep it on the down low instead of blasting it all over social media. It’s better to shop with a peace of mind.

How do we solve this problem with crazy warehouse sales that attract barbaric shoppers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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