A Malaysian Actress Scored a Role in ‘Gotham’ TV Series

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(source: The Star)

Since it’s debut on September 22 back in 2014, Gotham has captivated viewers including the Batman fanboys and the regular binge-watchers. The show now adds another bad guy, we mean girl, to its cast and this time she’s played by a Malaysian actress.

As reported by The Star, Kuala Lumpur-born Shiva Kalaiselvan who is now based in New York landed the role of Lelia, a recurring character in the show. She made her debut on the episode A Dark Knight: One Of My Three Soups aired on March 29.

Speaking to The Star, the 34 year-old actress explained her role as Lelia.

“I’m the leader of the female contingent of the League of Shadows. Rules and loyalty are big for her. She is someone that holds true to the teachings of the League and stands by them no matter what,” Kalaiselvan said of the villainess she played.

(source: ProductionPro)

When asked how it felt to be on the show, Shiva said that it was a surreal experience because she’d always dreamed being on the show.

“I don’t exactly know what I would call the feeling. It’s more than happy or joyous. You dream of opportunities like this in the business, and you have an idea of what it’s going to be like when you get it. But it’s more than that. I couldn’t have imagined this experience,” she added.

Shiva also said that she had an amazing experience on set, “I did get to meet most of the cast either through working on scenes with them or while we were getting our hair or make up done. Everyone was AMAZING! Incredibly friendly and welcoming.”

While in Malaysia, Shiva appeared in several local theatres plays such as ‘After Juliet’, ‘Indicinelive IV’, and ‘Malaysian Girls’.

Gotham tells the story of several characters from the Batman universe and is now at its Season 4. For more news, click here.

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