VIDEO: Pontianak in Red Kebaya Walking Along Kedah Street

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Dash-cam footage of a ghostly figure, a “pontianak” dressed in a red kebaya, was captured during a night drive in Kulim, Kedah. The video has since gone viral and had been shared 450k times since it was uploaded on Facebook on Wednesday (March 28).

The 55-second video definitely spooked netizens and it shows a car travelling on a winding road at 3.25am when it drives past a woman in red walking slowly by the roadside. As the car moves on ahead for several metres, the same eerie figure crops up repeatedly.

The figure, shown walking slowly on the left side of the road, then appears two more times. The driver continued his journey when suddenly, the “ghost” was seen again but this time in the middle of the road. The car comes to a halt and immediately reverses from the scene and the video ends.

Social media users speculated the authenticity of the video as some said that the video is a publicity stunt for actress Nur Fazura Sharifuddin’s upcoming horror flick The Legend Of Pontianak. Earlier in February, Nur Fazura had shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a red kebaya taken on the set of the movie. She also reported “seeing” a pontianak on set.

At the same time, however, a group of people have come forward to claim that they staged the entire incident.

A person using the Whatsapp nick NasRc from Taman Bunga Raya Official said he had arranged for several of his friends to wear the same kebaya, and stationed them at different points along a quiet road. He then got in his car and drove down the length of the road, his dashboard camera recording the backs of his friends.

“Once I recorded the video, I posted it in my timeline. I created some attention-grabbing headline, and (knew) for sure it would go viral, because people can be so easily fooled by stories like this. So what did I get out of this? I get to prank those who claim to be clever, Hahaha! That’s my story tonight,” he wrote in a Whatsapp group.

Nevertheless, staged or not, this video is scary as hell, check it out below:


UPDATE 3:08PM 31/3/2018: NasRc from Taman Bunga Raya Official now says his statement in Whatsapp has been manipulated and he is not responsibility for creating the video. Apparently, he told that he doesn’t even have time to make such a video.


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