VIDEO: Fedora God Calls Out Haters

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source: Fedora God

Let’s be honest, we all had that phase where we tried on fedoras. But because our genetics are average, we end looking like a nerd wearing a fedora instead of looking like Bruno Mars or Jason Mraz. This realisation that our average faces will never rock a fedora well has led us to perpetuate a blind hatred towards the headpiece while of course some continue to live in denial and continuously support the wearing of a fedora. This accumulated hate (usually on the internet) has finally spawned a defender, if you will, in the form of YouTuber skunkpaste. Calling out all fedora haters, especially all the Hypebeast swaglords out there, skunkpaste reinforces that this hat is only reserved for classy fellows such as himself while ‘swag’ is for boys (Wak Doyok might agree). The man will not sit down and take the hate from keyboard warriors, he has instead take up the mantle to defend his beloved fashion piece with fury and wrath like no other. Explaining to everyone out there that before we hate on such a pristine headgear, we take a look at ourselves in the mirror to realise that we are simply just not cool enough to wear this hat. Middle fingers a blazing and f-words spewing out left and right, put on your headphones guys, and enjoy.

skunkpaste is really an internet comedian, enjoy his other videos here. And consider purchasing a fedora here… maybe.