Impress Your Guests by Serving Prosperitea

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As far as tea cocktails go, we want to see more of them. Anything locally infused ranks high in our books, which is why we had to check out Hyde at 53M‘s CNY-themed cocktail creation – Prosperitea.

Cooked up by jet-setting Sabahan mixologist Jason Julian, the steps are pretty simple and you can make it at home for guests as Julian remarked, “Prosperitea is meant to be shared.”

Here’s the recipe for Prosperitea:

  • Pour 90ml of chrysanthemum and dates tea*, follow with 10ml of honey, 10ml sweet vermouth, and 45ml of Martell Non-Chilled Filtered (NCF) Cognac
  • Shake all ingredients with ice, double strain into tea cup
  • Garnish with white fungus, red dates and goji berries

*Boil 500gm of red dates for 30minutes, then put in dried chrysanthemum flowers and let it simmer for 15minutes

Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

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