Upside Down National Flag in Viral Picture Confirmed to be Unintentional

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(Source: The Malay Mail)

A recent viral picture on Facebook of the Jalur Gemilang being hung upside down at a school in Batu 4, Jalan Kapar has now been rectified and classified as an accident.

According to North Klang, OCPD Asst Comm Nurulhuda Mohd Salleh in The Star, investigations showed that the flag was hung upside down by an Indonesian permanent resident and a local woman on August 3.

“After the flag was put up, the worker then came down to check the position of the flag and noticed that it was upside down. The worker immediately took down the flag and reattached it correctly within 10 minutes.

“However during that short time, an individual who so happened to be outside the school gate took a photo of the upside-down flag and uploaded it online while also stoking racial sentiments without checking beforehand,” she said.

To prevent false rumours, Nurulhuda advised Facebook users to stop sharing the picture as the act of disturbing public order is an offence.

As of now, the school has filed a police report to deny that it had unintentionally hung the flag upside down.

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