Netizens Want to Cancel Upin & Ipin’s Friend Fizi After He Said Heaven Does Not Exist For Motherless People

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You might be in confusion and/or disbelief after seeing the title of this post. If you didn’t already know, Upin & Ipin is a Malaysian-made animated programme about two twins who live with their grandma. Like most animated children, they get into all sorts of adventures with their friends and almost always learn an important lesson at the end of the episode for their viewers (mainly kids) to take note of.

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Recently, one of their animated pals, Fizi, got into some hot water online after making a rather unsavoury comment in one of their latest episodes. You’ve probably heard the old Malay saying ‘Syurga di telapak kaki ibu’ which is a way to say that the key to heaven is determined by how you treat your mother… but what about those who grew up without mothers? (Like Upin & Ipin)


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Gara-gara video ini, Fizi kini dibenci . Maafkanlah Fizi . #fizi #upinipin

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The Instagram post above shared by the show’s official page captured the moment when Fizi (the boy in purple) said that if you have no mother, there’s probably no heaven to look forward to. Seeing how both Upin and Ipin are orphans themselves, they were also visibly shocked after Fizi made this comment.

The post’s caption roughly translates to ‘Because of this video, Fizi is now hated. Please forgive him’. This plea for forgiveness is directed to netizens online who called for Fizi to be ‘cancelled’ after he made this remark. Granted, while this is almost certainly a case of ‘kids say the darndest things’, swarms of people online (particularly Indonesian fans on Twitter) were not having it at all.

One person even made a whole thread on Twitter after he proclaimed that ‘Fizi is cancelled’ and posted a whole series of videos on Fizi’s ‘toxic’ behaviour.

This incident highlights just how big of a following the show has in Indonesia and also points out how vocal their fanbase can be if they don’t agree with something in the show. Personally, I think Fizi’s just a kid being a kid and despite what he said being pretty harsh, that’s the reality of how some kids talk.

While I don’t agree with what he said, I also don’t see the need to crucify a fictional kid online for acting like a kid. Most of us have had friends when we were around that age who made remarks like Fizi’s. Some do it to get a reaction out of you while others really don’t see the harm in what they’re saying. Come to think of it, quite a few adults are guilty of this behaviour too. All in all, I gotta say that I’m absolutely loving the memes that came out of this incident, like this one below.

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