UPDATE: My Forever Doggo X Billie Eillish Contest Cancelled Due To Breach In Live Nation’s T&C

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Billie Eilish adopts her adorable quarantine foster puppy companion | Totally Vegan Buzz

By now, everyone knows that Billie Eilish will be performing in Malaysia live on 18 August and there are barely any tickets left up for grabs.

Last week, My Forever Doggo announced that they were hosting a giveaway on their Instagram page with 2 tickets as the prize. Netizens were overjoyed and rushed to like, share, and follow their account, while participating in the contest.

Sadly, the enthusiasm was cut short due to a breach in Live Nation’s terms and conditions and the contest is now cancelled.

Prior to this, My Forever Doggo posted several clips of Billie’s veganism, and stated the fact that she’s an avid animal lover too, all while hinting that “something exciting is coming soon!”

Billie is a known animal activist and was named PETA’s 2021 Person Of The Year, after volunteering at animal shelters and failing successfully at fostering a pit bull during the quarantine period when she eventually ended up adopting the pooch.


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Since the breach, My Forever Doggo has taken down the giveaway and issued a statement, and is currently apologising personally to all applicants.

The contest was cancelled due to the fact that Live Nation’s terms and conditions state that tickets purchased are not allowed to be used for advertising, promoting, or other commercial purposes (including competitions, contests and trade promotions).

Regardless of this, we at JUICE still encourage everyone to support My Forever Doggo and adopt yourselves some adorable furry friends today!

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