“Women Aren’t Born To Be Leaders”: UMNO Politician’s Daughter Gives Nonsensical Advice on Tik Tok

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Tik Tok is a platform notorious for creating trends especially in dance and music.

But other than that, taking a page from the deceased but beloved Vine, it is also a breeding ground for hilarious videos and one such video is the recently uploaded clip of an UMNO politician’s daughter giving her hot take on feminism.

On Sinar Daily’s Tik Tok account, Nurulhidayah Ahmad Zahidi – the daughter of Zahid Hamidi who is known for sensational takes such as LGBT having superpowers, his RM1.3 million shopping spree using a charity foundation fund and alleged involvement in corruption – decided to chime in on women’s rights.

In the video, she says, “I think woman is not born to be a leader, a man are born to be a leader. I think for human right – uh – for woman right I think semua patut ada the rights because we are all human! (sic)”

Does this make sense to you? Watch the video below and be even more confused:

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As part of Sinar Daily’s Politically Frank series, the politician’s daughter decided to drop that nugget of wisdom on us.

The clip has since been reposted on Twitter, inviting many netizens to give their thoughts on her nonsensical advice. Here are some of their comments…

Even fellow politician Hannah Yeoh had something to say…

This video proves that sometimes not sharing is caring.