Two Hectares of Famous Hiking Spot, Broga Hill, Caught On Fire

(source: Twitter)

As the air quality is getting worse day by day, Broga Hill being on fire is the last thing we need. According to BHarian, 2-hectares of the famous hiking spot in Semenyih was caught on fire yesterday.

Semenyih Bangi Fire & Rescue Station(BPP) Chief – Mohamd Darul Azreen Md Village said that they received a report on the burning at around 4.30pm. He deployed 25 firemen to the site to prevent the fire from spreading.

Coincidentally, he stated that a team of ten firemen were already on-site, as they were searching for a lost hiker in the same area.

“All fire has been successfully put out around 7.30pm. The cause of the fire is still being investigated,” said Mohamd Darul Azreen.

(source: BHarian)

He added that it’s too early to confirm any possibilities since it’s still under investigation but, the BBP is not dismissing the possibility of the fire being caused by irresponsible hikers.

On the other hand, Team Selangor – a local volunteer group has organised a gotong-royong and tree planting event, ‘Broga Healing 2.0’ this Saturday, 21 September at 7 am.

So, if you’re up for healing our forest, come through with your fave hiking shoes and a good spirit!

Here are the deets:

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