Trump-Kim Summit Revelation: Singapore is Not in Malaysia…

(Source: BBC)

Today, 12th June 2018, will forever be marked in the history books as the first time a President of the United States formally met with the leader of North Korea in Singapore. President Donald Trump has become the first US President to meet Kim Jong-un, which to many of us is a little more surprising considering the exchange of continuous threats on Twitter.

The historic summit is expected to centre around the end of nuclear and missile weapon programmes of North Korea in return for diplomatic and economical incentives. I don’t know about you but the nuclear and missile threat exchange between both leaders on Twitter was pretty scary and traumatising. So hopefully they will continue stepping in the right direction.


As much as the majority of us disagree with Trump and his viewpoints, we should agree that he helped make history. With all the Twitter rants, you have to agree sometimes it’s hard to take this guy seriously to the point where it’s laughable. Well hold on to your panties because here is one more thing for you to laugh at today. The US State Department thought that Singapore was in… wait for it… Malaysia.

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The US State Department posted a transcript of the press briefing which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave on Monday 11th June at the venue for the summit. The location was listed as “JW Marriot, Singapore, Malaysia” on the department’s official website. While it is obviously hilarious, it does seem to be a bit concerning that they don’t know a little basic geography. The details of the location of the summit has since been changed accordingly.

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We all know the history of Malaysia, Malaya and Singapore. But for the sake of this article I’ll give a short summary. Under the terms of the Malaysia Agreement in 1965, Singapore joined Malaya alongside the two Borneo states to form a new federation. Two years after political union, Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew, signs a separation agreement with Malaysia. Singapore becomes independent and leaves the Federation of Malaysia on 9th August 1967.

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