Ocean’s 8: Meet the Fabulous Female Criminals Who Will Steal Your Hearts!

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Avengers: Infinity War might be leading the race to pick up this year’s award for most star-studded ensemble, but don’t tell that to the cast of powerhouse ladies in Ocean’s 8… or they just might end up stealing it.

Step aside boys, the girls are taking over!

Gear up for the biggest heist in history with our quick guide to the glamorous team of grifters who will be hustling up to a cinema near you:

The Mastermind, played by Sandra Bullock

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Debbie is Danny Ocean’s (played by George Clooney in the Ocean’s Trilogy) estranged sister who recently spent some time in a jail cell. Now she’s out, and she’s hatching the perfect plan to steal some jewels during the Met Gala.

Everything will need to be flawless if the team is going to get in and get away with the ice – all in plain sight.

The Right-Hand, played by Cate Blanchett

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Lou is Debbie’s platinum-blonde best friend and partner-in-crime. As the second-in-command, she helps her put together the plan, assemble the perfect crew and oversee operations.

The Thief, played by Awkwafina

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Constance is hip, funny and most importantly, a pickpocket extraordinaire. Even though she’s the youngest member of the outfit, her skills will certainly come in handy for those quick swticheroos.

The Fence, played by Sarah Paulson

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Tammy is a stay-at-home mom and Debbie’s former right-hand woman. Working out of her garage, she’s an expert middlewoman who has the means to acquire all the necessary materials for the night.

The Jeweler, played by Mindy Kaling

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Amita may still be living with her mom, but write off the soft-spoken jeweler at your own risk. She’s a master of diamonds and her talents include forgery and gem-cutting.

The Designer, played by Helena Bonham Carter

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Rose is a down-on-her-luck fashion designer who’s close to being bankrupt. Everyone knows that you can’t pull of a robbery without some comfortable clothing, so she’s going to have to really bring her “A” game.

The Hacker, played by Rihanna

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Nine Ball is a technical genius, surveillance expert and easily the member with the coolest hair. Armed with slick gadgets, she’s in charge of getting her team out of sticky situations.

Hmmm… we’re no mathematicians, but doesn’t this only add up to seven? Who is the mystery eighth member of the group? Could it be:

The Mark, played by Anne Hathaway

(source: Giphy/Warner Bros. Pictures)

Dapne Kluger is a world-famous actress and the target of the heist, probably because the necklace around her neck will fetch a cool $150 million. She also has a little bit of a mischievous streak, so could she be in on the heist as well?

Or a Wildcard?

Since Ocean’s 8 is very much an all-female reboot, it seems unlikely that the eighth member will be a man.

This is very much a hot take, but could any of the celebrities who are slated for a cameo serve as the final piece in Debbie’s chessboard of miscreants?

Ocean’s 8 hit theatres June 14.

This article was originally published on Popcorn.

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