Learn How To Be an Influencer, Mixologist & More at The Cooler Lumpur Festival ’19

(source: Cooler Lumpur Facebook)

Attending workshops is a great way to hone your skills and meet new people. Who knows? You might tap into abilities you didn’t know you had and find your hidden superpower. Head down to The Cooler Lumpur Festival that is back for its 7th instalment with the theme #SuperCanggih reflecting its focus on developing skillsets!

The festival’s second instalment of Nite sCool will be hosting workshops that you can join and engage with in a myriad of knowledge-sharing, led by experts in their respective industries. They might just inspire you to start your own #SuperCanggih journeys.

Besides the workshops, there will be talks, food and more! All of this will be held across Black Box and Me.reka Makerspace in Publika. From digital marketing to mixology to fundraising, check out these 4 (out of many) workshops that are happening throughout the festival:

1. Craft Your Very Own Cocktails and Mocktails (1 October ’19 – 8pm to 10pm – RM70/person)

This 2-hour session with Jasper Epsom – professional mixologist and Chivas brand ambassador – will take enthusiastic participants through the history of cocktail eras, the different variations of whisky cocktails and how to hone your cocktail- and mocktail-making skills.

2. How to Create Kick-Ass Content (2 October ’19 – 8pm to 10pm – RM50/person)

Do you wanna get ahead of the game in the world of content creation (and set that social media traction on fire) but have no clue how? Join Ernest Ng, king of content creation and local webcomic genius behind popular series Bro, Don’t Like That La Bro, in this idea-brimming workshop to learn the tricks of the content creation trade.

3. Creating an Online Brand Persona that Works for You (3 October ’19 – 8pm to 10pm – RM50/person)

Marketers have been jumping on board the influencer bandwagon by engaging influencers to raise the visibility of their brands. But how does one become an influencer? In this day and age of mass branding, it has become crucial for influencers to not only stay relevant but also true to themselves.

Join budding journalist and TV host Natalie Hussain, and fitness enthusiast and heart warrior Sara Naser who have paved the way towards creating and maintaining a genuine online brand persona.

4. The Rules of Fundraising for Startups (3 October ’19 – 8pm to 10pm – RM50/person)

Learn how you can successfully raise funds for your startup in this workshop by Sam Shafie and Kashminder Singh, co-founders of PitchIn – a pioneer crowdfunding platform based in Malaysia. These dynamic go-getters will share their key learnings and insights from their many years of startup and entrepreneurial experience.

Learn about the do’s and don’t’s of fundraising, what you need to pay attention to, what steps to take and in which order, what mistakes you can avoid, and useful networks and resources that will bring you closer to achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.


The Cooler Lumpur Festival is packed with many other workshops you can attend – too many for us to list down here! Visit their website, here to find something that you want to master.

For more information, check out their Facebook page, here

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