This Las Vegas Strip Club Offers ‘Coronavirus-Free Lap Dances’

source: JUICE Malaysia

While everyone has been advised to flatten the curve of the current pandemic by social distancing, one particular adult entertainment establishment, Little Darlings strip club in Las Vegas, is still running as usual and are advertising “CORONAVIRUS-FREE LAP DANCES”.

Little Darlings bills itself as the only totally nude club in Las Vegas, and they don’t seem too fazed by Covid-19. As they told Vice, they are “as of this moment 100% open for business, unless forced to shut down.” TMZ reported that the electric billboard outside the club is currently advertising “CORONAVIRUS-FREE LAP DANCES” and for an added touch, the adult performer on the ad holds a roll of toilet paper.

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Ryan Carlson, Director of Operations for Déjà Vu Services which operates Little Darlings, said the performers “HAVE been tested for coronavirus to the extent possible,” but didn’t give elaborate details. The club also announced that 50,000 hand sanitisers will be given out to its customers.

LeAnna DaPoint, one of the club’s managers told KNSV-TV that “it might seem silly, but we take the health of our guests very seriously. Being the most popular adult club in Las Vegas, we have to ensure the show will go on!”

source: KKM/Twitter

As of now, the US has 4,645 cases of Covid-19 with 62 deaths reported. The city of Las Vegas and Clark County have both declared States of Emergency, as the entire state of Nevada.

Carlson says the club has remained “very busy and steady” and added that the club sanitises its premises daily while enforcing social distancing “to the extent possible.” (lol)

“Life goes on, and strippers will continue to be part of the fabric of American life,” Carlson said. Guess that’s the American way.

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