This Woman Became A Millionaire For A Day When She Received $37 Million In Her Bank Account On Christmas

(Source: The Daily Star and Dallas Morning News)

Money does not fall from the sky or grow on trees, instead, it magically appears in your bank account by random!

Recently, a woman by the name of Ruth Balloon who had just got off from work was in for the biggest shock of her life when she checked her bank account and discovered $37 Million in it.

At first, she thought it was a gift from someone but when she called the bank, it was not a Christmas miracle and discovered that the amount was put into her account by accident as reported in The Daily Star.

Doing the right thing, Ruth had given back the money and the bank apologised for their careless mistake. However, due to her generosity, she hopes that the bank will give her a reward of some kind, for being a good customer and notifying them as soon as possible.

(Source: News Break)

When reached out by CBS, LegacyTexasBank said in a statement: “On Tuesday, December 10, our client made a foreign currency deposit into her LegacyTexas account. Due to the fluctuation in exchange rates, all foreign currency transactions must be manually entered into our system through our back office.

“When our client’s deposit was being keyed in, our representative entered her account number into the amount field by mistake,” the bank said.