This Video Shows Just How Difficult it is to Have a Baby

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source: Science News

Since V-Day is over, and you’re probably picking up yo’ unmentionables and changing the bedsheets, today seems like a good day to reveal just how hard it is to put a bun in an oven.

There are many couples out there who try hard to make babies and then there are those who re-populate unexpectedly. Whatever the statistics–fertility rate, health and age taken into consideration–it’s still generally a difficult task. A video posted on Science News’ website recently depicted just how strong (and skilled) your sperms need to be in able to get past the narrow passage in the female reproductive tract that weeds out less desirable suitors–evolution’s way of finding the strongest mate.

According to Science News’ article:

“The female reproductive tract is an obstacle course that favours agile sperm. Narrow straits in parts of the tract act like gates, helping prevent slower-swimming sperm from ever reaching an egg, a study suggests.

Using a device that mimics the tract’s variable width, researchers studied sperm behaviour at a narrow point, where the sex cells faced strong head-on currents of fluid. The faster, stronger swimmers started moving along a butterfly-shaped path, keeping them close to the narrow point and upping the chances of making it through. Meanwhile, slower, weaker swimmers were swept away, the team reports online February 13 in Science Advances.”

Don’t give up just yet though. A healthy lifestyle lived by both partners with lots of exercise could contribute to your chances of making the miracle of life happen. And if that doesn’t work, there are numerous clinical procedures and methods to create offspring.

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