10 Alternative Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

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Every year we try to celebrate V-Day in the most creative way, ’cause like it or not, the classic dinner and roses doesn’t cut it in the age of Tinder dates. Who decided that was the standard way to go on a date anyway? Yawn.

Although Malaysians have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s *cough*JAIS*cough*, we are always up for a celebration (just ask the Hokkien community who were setting the sky on fire last night). Whether you’re single, coupled up, or somewhere in between, looking for adventure or trying to keep it super casual, we got you covered! Peek our 10 Alternative Ways To Spend Valentine’s With Your Date list below:

1. Let your inner-Picasso shine by creating art together

(source: Bohemianhomes Tumblr)

Get your hands dirty, bond, get creative, and see where the night takes you! Apparently, activities like art and crafts release chemicals in your brain that make you happy in much the same way that falling in love does. And by the end of it, you and your date are left with a piece of art as a memory rather than just musky sheets. We know you hopeless romantics are shaking at the thought of that right now. If you have no idea on what to create with your date, there are tonnes of videos on YouTube that you can find by typing “easy DIY art & crafts”.

2. Extra AF picnic date

(source: discoverKL)

A normal picnic at the park? Meh. Find a great location with a view of a sunset or lake (check out Tadom Hill Resort in Banting) to bring up your picnic game. It might just be the most romantic thing you’ve ever done. And if you’ve seen those cute Pinterest picnic dates with the pastel tent and comfy pillows everywhere and thought to yourself, “who in the F has the energy and time…” well, think no more because since we live in a world where you can get everything, there are people who can provide you with exactly this! Just hit up Surprise by Sarang Planner. They’ll provide a full picnic arrangement such as the décor, flower arrangement, tent, lighting equipment, setup, styling, foods and beverages, a 6″ cake, a stand and helium balloons! Settleee….

3. Create a cheesy playlist and go on a one-day road-trip together..

(source: WSJ)

There’s something about road-trips that’s just good for the soul. Maybe it’s because of the constant changes in scenery, the great tunes, the deeps talks, and the goofing around. Of course we’re not asking you to drive all the way to freaking Kelantan, but maybe drive up to Malacca or Ipoh and explore all the interesting places there, try out new food and embrace all the sight-seeing?

(source: Govinsider)

The long drive will help y’all learn more about each other and great stories can come out of it. Make sure to plan it nicely for a hassle-free experience and create a playlist on Spotify for both of you. Your Insta-story will be popping that day!

4. Art Gallery hopping + chill live music at night

(source: IG @Michaellim0530 / Artwork by IG @humana_art )

In Kuala Lumpur alone, you can visit tonnes of art galleries. Not only will you get some culture points, it also doesn’t break your bank as most galleries are free (and sometimes serve free wine–yeah, we klassy like tat). Looking at all these art exhibits will allow the two of you to physically separate a bit on the date, so conversations won’t be so forced (especially if it’s a first date). Instead of hitting up only one location, try to find modern and quirkier art galleries like Balai Seni Negara, GMBB, Wei-Ling Gallery, Ilham Gallery or even Raw Art Space if you’re adventurous enough (there’s an album launch for a Japanese-Malay traditional music ensemble happening on V-Day).

(source: City List)

Once you’ve taken in all the art, have some food/drinks and enjoy some live music. Head down to Merdekarya @ PJ (RM20 per person cover) for some acoustic folk rock on 14th Feb or drive to Intunnation @ TTDI for the Valentine’s Day show by the Jack It! Series where they’ll be live poetry and music (also RM20 per person cover). Your date’s a manic pixie, you say? Catch the aforementioned show by Japanese group SUNDRUM collaborating with traditional Malay musicians at Raw Art Space. It will surely impress any art-hoe.

5. Relive your rock kapak days at a fun fair in Gombak

Get your date to dress comfortably and visit Malaysia’s largest traveling fun fair, Euro Fun Park which is now at Taman Sri Gombak (next to Maybank), KL. This date is super old school and it can make both of y’all feel nostalgic surrounded by flashing neon lights, ’90s feng tao music, and weird stall snacks. If you are aiming to see the fun side of your date or want to rekindle the romance rock kapak style, this is the perfect place. Entry fee starts at RM4 for adults and ride tokens start from RM2. Some of the top rides include the Sky Rider, Merry Go Round, Dodgem Car, Top Gun, and Haunted Castle. But if you want that extra adrenaline kick, make sure to hop on the Vortex, Challenger, and Lethal Weapon. Good luck!

6. Go thrift shopping together and explore new meals at the food truck grounds

(source: Emarieys)

If both of y’all are fashionable yet laid back, then this idea might just be for you! Since thrift store items are so cheap, it’s fun to experiment with styles or colours that you might not usually buy. You get to play dress-up with your partner and experiment on a budget. Give and take opinions, it’s a great way to get to know each other and retail therapy can definitely let you guys blow of steam. Thrift up one of the JBR Bundles that are located at Shah Alam, Bandar Sri Damansara or Hulu Langat. It’ll be loaded with goodies!

(source: discoverKL)

Keep the humble energy going and head to any food truck grounds like Tapak that’s in PJ, Jalan Ampang and Cheras. From boxing chicken to roti john cheese to mee-kolok to coconut and mango shakes, you’ll be eating in style since you’ve just been bundle shopping.

7. Dress up for a boujee date at a fancy hotel

(source: pinterest)

Want to bust out that sexy cocktail dress that you bought on a random online shopping spree at 2 in the morning? Well, this is your time.. We know what you’re thinking, isn’t this like dinner and roses (the BS we warned you about in the intro)? For the rich probably. But if you’re a brokeass couple who go on normal dinner dates anyway, why not save up some cash and splurge on yourselves. V-Day is the perfect excuse for that.

(source: W Hotel FB)

Oof! Imagine sitting with your crush facing KLCC in a grand hotel looking hella fancy while eating the finest meal. A great dating spot would be at W Hotel‘s Wet Deck bar. It’s a poolside bar offering a breath-taking closeup of the Twin Towers. If you’re planning to go there, make sure to try their ‘Milo Kaw Kaw’, a combination of whisky, condensed milk, Milo (obviously) and espresso.

8. Find a dreamy Airbnb for Netflix & chill

(sourceL Thezoereport)

Have a staycation where you can just let your guard down and enjoy each other’s company. Instead of paying for a ridiculously expensive hotel room that lowkey all looks the same, open up the Airbnb app and find a unique, dreamy romantic home where you can just relax with your loved ones. Try to find an accommodation with facilities like hot tub, pool access, patios, balconies, and of course, great ambience. Stock up your fav snacks and maybe some wine, put on that rom-com and just chill or something.

9. Eat to your heart’s desire by going on a food hunt!

(source: ScoopWhoop)

While doing extreme sports or death-defying activities can sound exciting, perhaps your idea of an adventure is discovering some new cuisine with your partner. Instagram kind of led to the birth of new-age foodie culture, so why not document your epic food hunt there for your bean-sprout munching friends to envy? There are many foodie couples out there, so besides fulfilling your wanderlust you’ll be filling your tummies, together. Since it’s CNY as well, our pick would be to hit up the Chinese comfort food and vintage ambiance at fu luck bar.

10. No dates? Drop you emotional baggage right here in KL

(source: fono KL FB)

We haven’t forgotten about all you singletons. Instead of spending this lovey-dovey day in a duvet cocoon on the sofa, crying into a pizza with only your cat for company, why not get rid of that emotional baggage that’s holding you down! ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ at fono, The Zhongshan Building is encouraging just that. Bring a memory of your past (or unrequited love) in the form of a photo or any items you may have gotten back from them in the process of your courtship, and let the venue keep it for you at the ’emotional baggage drop-off’ section. According to fono, “Feelings that are lost are better than feelings that are unresolved.” Cover charge will be RM15 and you get to boogie down to tunes from Lionel Rizki, Oh Hello Cari Siapa, and OJ Law.


Whatever you decide to do this upcoming Valentine’s Day, just remember that it’s a celebration of love. So don’t be so stressed out planning your perfect night, instead embrace your loved ones and show appreciation in the best way you’d feel comfortable. And if one of those ideas is in the list above, then go ahead and pour your heart out by doing it sincerely. Friendly reminder though, keep your doors lock!

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